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An all-world team to get you going quickly


Scott Kaufman, CEO

Scott loves to build stuff - from compost programs to graduate school curricula to businesses, he has a passion for starting things from scratch. As the technical and creative engine behind PeerAspect, his primary responsibilities are overall strategic vision, software design and product management, as well as managing investor and customer relations. Prior to founding PeerAspect, Scott was the US Head of Advisory Services at the Carbon Trust, where he helped to lead carbon strategy and reduction work with manufacturers and retailers. Scott has a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Columbia University. His experience before that included work with the Columbia Earth Institute, RecycleBank and the New York City Department of Sanitation.

Scott was recently interviewed for Slate's Points of Courage podcast, where he discussed starting and running a business while dealing with a chronic illness.

Sujeesh Krishnan, Co-founder

Sujeesh has never met a detail his mind didn't absorb, which only partially explains his singular talent for business operations. His ability to juggle dozens of computational and managerial tasks - all while maintaining the cheerful personality that is his trademark - keeps PeerAspect's customers fulfilled and happy. Prior to founding PeerAspect, Sujeesh was Head of Business Development for the Carbon Trust and was responsible starting up and developing the Carbon Trust’s supply chain activities in the Americas. Sujeesh has additionally served as a Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary General on the Sustainable Energy for All initiative. Sujeesh has also worked at Ernst Young, GetConnected Inc. a digital services aggregator, and i2 Technologies Inc., a supply chain solutions provider. Sujeesh holds a B.E. (Honors) in Mechanical Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, a M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and a MBA from MIT-Sloan.

Dave Guernsey Director, Business Development

Don't let the "calm voice of reason" fool you - Dave means business! In addition to bringing years of experience and a get-it-done, realist attitude to the organization, Dave heads up business development for PeerAspect. He is perhaps best known for pioneering sustainability reporting for the transportation industry and, as the "Father of Sustainability at UPS" played a large role in making UPS a leader in corporate responsibility and reporting. After 34 years and retirement, he was too excited by the chance to help Sheets grow into the world's leading data collection platform to sit back and watch, so joined PeerAspect to make it happen.

Micah Calabrese Lead Software Developer

Micah brings the LA cool to PeerAspect's East Coast vibe. He is responsible for overseeing all programming and database architecture as well as integrating technical requirements with creative vision. Before joining PeerAspect, Micah led the development of several high-traffic projects including Premiere Radio Network's collection of national radio websites and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' website and content management system. Micah has also consulted on a number of startup, municipal and education projects including, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Dabo Health (hospital performance metrics), Brain Pop and the Children's Hospital Los Angeles LEND training program.

Lorrie Ritter Program Manager

Lorrie Ritter is a Chemist and Product Safety Specialist with over 35 years of experience, having retired from Arkema in 2016 but continuing with them as a contract worker through and beyond the Global Harmonized System (GHS) transition. Lorrie was very excited to meet Sujeesh Krishnan at Society for Chemical Hazard communication (SCHC) meeting this past September and joined PeerAspect as Program Manager in early November. Lorrie understands the chemical industry and as one who loves to problem solve, her role here is to help find better solutions to your regulatory challenges using Sheets, PeerAspects system.